Important: Dropwow is available only for Shopify store owners. In order to dropship with Dropwow you have to create a Shopify store.


How to access the new Dropwow?


Go to 

To login using your Shopify store, click Get Started  on the left bar 

and enter your store link in the Log In with Shopify form. 

You will be redirected to Shopify. Press Install the App. Now you can start using Dropwow!



We recommend you to update your billing details at once.

Go to Billing, click Add payment method and save your card. 

You can pay for every order manually at once  or every time you have reached $20.00 you will get the bill. Your next bill will be shown in your account on the 1st day of every month or if you reach $20.00 in outstanding charges.If you reach  $20.00 in outstanding charges in total, a bill will be issued immediately. View outstanding charges.

Add Products

Open Catalog and choose a product. 

To add a product to your store click Add to my products

Now you can go to My Products. 

 All products are first added to Non Connected. Here you can edit the product: change the title, description, update the price. Click Edit in import list to make changes.

Click Save to shopify to list the product in your store. These products are moved to Connected products, they are now available for your customers. 

Click Safe for later to keeping the edited product in Dropwow without listing in Shopify. You can find these products in Non Connected then save to Shopify when you need.

List Products

After you finish editing, click Save to Shopify. The product will be moved to Connected Products. Now It is available in your Shopify store too. 

Make orders

When you get the order for a product, it will automatically appear in Orders. You now have 3 hours (hold time) to cancel it or send us a request to change it. 

Want to fulfill it at once? Click Confirm button. 


In Orders you can find all information about all your orders. Status, Shopify ID, Dropwow ID, customers data and tracking numbers, hold time. After the hold time ends (in 3 hours), all orders fulfill automatically. It takes 1-5 days to process including tracking number.

Hold time 

You need the hold time if you want to think about the orders or leave it for a while. You can change it any time. The hold time allows  to cancel the order or send us a request to change it. Important: you can't change the order after hold time ends.  

Click Confirm and we will start the processing.

 If you want to fulfill all orders at once, switch off the hold time setting.

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