Hold  means you can change or cancel your order. Confirm it to start fulfilment. Important: You have 3 hours (hold time) to cancel it or send us a request to change it.
Checking means we check your order (items options and quantity).

Suspended Your order has an issue. We sent you an e-mail to clarify the issue. 

Pending  Checking payment status.

Confirmed  means Dropwow received your order and started to process it.

Created  The order was fulfilled and wait for shipment.

Paused  means your order isn't paid for. You should pay for it then we can fulfill it.
Set the required pause time to confirm every order and payment manually.

Cancelled  Your order was  cancelled.

Shipped  Your order was shipped by the supplier. There appears the tracking number.

Delivered  The order was delivered to your customer.

Failed  Cannot be processed (out of stock, invalid address, invalid quantity, cannot be shipped to this address). 

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