When you get an order for a product, it will automatically appear in Orders. You now have 3 hours to cancel it or send us a request to change it. Hold status appears.

Want to fulfill it at once? Click Confirm button, now the status of the order is changed to Confirmed. After the order is confirmed fulfillment process starts. Your order gets Created status. When the supplier ships your parcel, we get the tracking number, the order status changes to Shipped. When the order is delivered to your customer, status is changed to Delivered.


In Orders you can find all information about all your orders. Status, Shopify ID, Dropwow ID, customers data and tracking numbers, hold time. After the hold time ends (3 hours) , all orders fulfill automatically. It takes 1-5 days to process including tracking number.

Hold time 

You need the hold time if you want to think about the orders or leave it for a while. You can change it any time. The hold time allows  to cancel the order or send us a request to change it. Important: you can't change the order after hold time ends.

Click Confirm and we will start the processing.

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