Frequently asked questions
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most dropshippers ask about Dropwow
Is Dropwow really free?
Yes, Dropwow is totally free for online store owners. There is no any plan or pricing, no monthly, annual or other fees. It costs nothing to you.
Can I login using my Shopify account?
Yes, to login using your Shopify credentials, click LOG IN button on the main page and enter your store link in the Log In with Shopify form. Your Shopify account will be connected automatically.
How Dropwow provides quality?
Each vendor is carefully checked to ensure product quality. We approve only vendors with rating above average on AliExpress, Wish, Amazon, eBay. After approval our opinion is based on a buyer satisfaction rating and total number of disputes. If a dispute rate exceeds 10%, Dropwow blocks a vendor account.
You always have the right to start a dispute if there are troubles with order. Kindly check our Refund Policy.
Will there be any conflict between Dropwow and Oberlo?
If you are already using Oberlo and AliExpress, there's no problem to integrate Dropwow into your Shopify store. You can use Oberlo and Dropwow all together. Simply choose Dropwow fulfilment service and all orders for the items imported from Dropwow will be forwarded to our vendors.
I can't find some products on Dropwow. What to do?
Please send us the IDs of the products on AliExpress, if you can't find the products on Dropwow which you have imported from AliExpress before, or the items of your niche. We will negotiate with the vendor. It usually takes 48 hours to add the items you wish.
Are there US suppliers on Dropwow marketplace?
There are only China-based suppliers on Dropwow.
I have two Shopify stores. Should I register twice?
One Dropwow account can be linked with two Shopify stores. After you link the first store, log out and link the second store with the same email. Within your account you can switch between stores: click on My Account. Select My Stores.
Is it possible to contact vendors via Dropwow marketplace?
If you work with Dropwow, you don't need to communicate with Chinese suppliers yourselves. We will decide the issues for you.
What's the difference between Dropwow and AliExpress?
A detailed answer to the question is given here.
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