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Guide on dropshipping and functions of the Marketplace
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I have two Shopify stores. Should I register twice?
One Dropwow account can be linked with two Shopify stores Learn more
Can I use Dropwow without Shopify store?
Yes, you need to register for a new account Learn more
Forgot my password
No problem! Reset your password here
Is it possible to integrate my store on other platform (e.g. BigCommerce, Amazon) with Dropwow?
Unfortunately we work only with Shopify for now.
It's imposible to import items from Dropwow without integrating the Shopify store before.
How to add products from Aliexpress?
Please send us the IDs of the products on AliExpress. We will negotiate with the vendor Learn more
Can I import products description?
Products description is imported with the product. You can change right after import in Shopify. Learn more
How to automate pricing?
It's possible to set pricing multipliers and fixed markups for all products imported from Dropwow. Learn more
What to do if products are different from the description?
Buyer has the right to start a dispute if goods are not received by End customer, different from the description or have low quality Learn more
Are there US suppliers on Dropwow marketplace?
There are only China-based suppliers on Dropwow
Is it possible to contact vendors via Dropwow marketplace?
If you work with Dropwow, you don't need to communicate with Chinese suppliers yourselves. We will decide the issues for you.
Which shipping method suppliers use?
Our suppliers work only with ePacket Learn more about ePacket
How much do I pay for shipping?
Dropwow has fixed price for shipping - $1.9 per order.
Is it possible to use fast shipping with Dropwow?
Our suppliers use ePacket shipping method with the delivery time 10-20 days.
The faster solutions (FedEx, DHL, etc..) will cost much higher (about $50 per item) and for now it can't be provided on technical grounds.
I created the order but I don't have enough money on my Wallet
It's not a problem! You can place the order and pay later Learn more
How to pay for all orders at once?
You can pay all open orders at once. Go to My Orders. Click "Pay all open orders by wallet". Learn more
Why Dropwow?
Is Dropwow free?
Yes, Dropwow is totally free for online store owners.
How Dropwow provides quality?
Each vendor is carefully checked to ensure product quality Learn more
What's the difference between Dropwow and AliExpress?
A detailed answer to the question is given here.
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