What is Dropwow
Three minutes to understand clearly what is Dropwow
and how it is connected with dropshipping business
Chinese Suppliers
Dropwow finds suppliers in China. Every Supplier working with Dropwow is eligible for selling products in China and internationally and uses e-packet delivery.
High-quality products
Chinese Suppliers import their products to the Marketplace. The quality of all products is deliberately checked, each product meets Dropwow compliance requirements.
Products import
The buyer connects his Shopify store with Dropwow account, imports the required products and offers them to his customers.
Order creation
After the customer creates an order and pays for it, this order is forwarded to the supplier by Dropwow.
Order delivery
The supplier uses e-packet to deliver the order directly to the customer. The satisfied customer receives his parcel in 15-20 days.
Payment process
The buyer can use a credit card to add money to his wallet. When the order is processed, payment for it is withdrawn automatically from his Dropwow account. The supplier gets paid for the order after it is received by the customer. Payment operation is secured by Dropwow.
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