How to use Dropwow
Three minutes to understand clearly how it all works out
and you are ready to build your dropshipping empire.
How to import products
When you connect your Shopify store, you are automatically redirected to Trending Products page. To import a product click "IMPORT". Products you have chosen are imported to your Shopify store automatically. Go to your Shopify account and check Products page.
When you are ready to start sales, don't forget to set the prices and make sure that you actually get profit from what you sell. You are paying according to Dropwow's official prices, so you need to add your margin to the price of each product (margin is calculated as the sum of your costs for the product and its promotion).
How to improve products
Change titles and descriptions of the products you imported. Make them best-selling.
How order is placed
After the order has been placed in Shopify, you can go to Dropwow account and check it in Orders. The system assigns the tracking number within next 48 hours.
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