How to dropship
Three minutes to understand clearly how to do dropshipping
and you are ready to build your own drop shipping empire.
How to find products
In dropshipping business most important thing to do is to select products properly. Start with product research: you will get better understanding of the market and different target audiences. Keep in mind that it is important to select a promising niche that meets the demands of some certain target audience (e.g. Cycling equipment or Baby products). If you need more details about niches, please go to Dropwow Blog.
Import products
Import the products you selected to your store. Experiment is your key to success: test products in order to understand their sales performance. Test at least 10-20 products per week.
Create a selling product page
Prepare a selling product page: create a good title and description of the products you imported. Make sure your pictures are catchy and of good HD quality. Upload videos and GIFs for best-selling products. Remember your product page contains reviews, number of orders for a certain product, rates.
To increase conversion rate introduce special offers and other tools such as:

  • Best Deals
  • Discount Stickers
  • Pop Up Lotteries
  • Countdown Timers
  • Pop Up Coupons
  • Social Proofs
Run Facebook Ads/Instagram
To promote your products create a campaign for your target audience in Facebook Ads.
Find Instagram influencers who promote niche products to their followers.Try to work with them for revenue share or give certain sum (e.g. 200$) for one post.

For instance, to promote elephant pillows we can choose the following Instagram influencers:
Get sales
You get sales and start earning money straight after the first order is created in your store. Congrats!
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