How it works?
Dropwow is all-in-one dropshipping app. Just get products for any niche and sell them.
We will take care about fulfillment and shipping.
Dropwow helps you with the significant part of your dropshipping business: order fulfillment and shipping. All you need is find the customer for your order.
Dropwow connects ecommerce sellers to dropshipping manufacturers and suppliers located in China. The service is fully automated for online stores in the United States and Europe.
What do you need for smooth dropshipping?
Dropwow features:
  • Automated order placement (linked with Shopify)
  • Order Tracking
  • One-click access to trending dropshipping products
  • Products inventory autoupdate
Online retailer connects his Shopify store with Dropwow account, imports products and offers them to his customers. After the customer creates an order and pays for it, this order is forwarded to the supplier by Dropwow. The vendor delivers this order directly to the customer. The satisfied customer receives his parcel in 15-20 days. When the order is processed, payment for it is withdrawn automatically from Retailer's Dropwow account. The vendor gets paid for the order after it is received by the customer.
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